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Whether you are having issues with your Volkswagen tires or you need new VW tires altogether, our service center in Daytona Beach, FL, can help you with whatever you need. Our new cars for sale are very reliable, but every once in a while, you hit a pothole or run over something by accident. When that happens, bring your car to us to get the Volkswagen tires that are made specifically for your vehicle. Whether you have an Atlas, Tiguan, Jetta, or you need tires for a Volkswagen Beetle, our shelves are fully stocked with the best brands. Read more about what we offer, then schedule a service with us near Orlando!

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VW Tire Services

At our Volkswagen Tires Center, we see all kinds of issues related to tires. The good news is that our service technicians are factory certified and trained to know the ins and outs of all Volkswagen models and year makes. So whether you have a brand new Volkswagen Jetta or you need Volkswagen Jetta tires for a 2015 model, we have the tools and equipment here for you. Here is a list of some of the services we offer:

Tire Pressure & Patching Services:

Let's say you're enjoying a drive near Deltona and notice that one of your VW Dashboard symbols comes on. You notice it's that yellow tire-pressure light. This means you are having issues with the amount of air in your tires. This is usually a quick fix. You can bring your Volkswagen vehicle to our service center, and we will let you know if we can fix it by filling it with some air or patching up the tire.

If you run over a nail (or something similar) and the tire is damaged beyond repair, we offer a wide variety of Volkswagen tires that are made to fit your vehicle. Unlike a random, cheap tire store, we have the Volkswagen-approved parts that will fit your vehicle correctly. There's nothing worse than paying for tires that don't actually fit your car. Plus, we often run coupons on our tires to help with the cost!

Tire Tread, Wear, Rotation & Replacement Services:

Sometimes issues with your tires aren't drastic enough to cause a dashboard symbol to light up. But that doesn't mean you should avoid coming in for a service. Let's say you have had your Volkswagen Passat for quite some time now. You often take your vehicle on road trips, and the miles on your odometer continue to add up. After so many miles, the tread on your tire begins to wear down. Driving on tires that are worn down can be a huge risk and affect your ability to stop promptly.

Sometimes, the fix is as easy as a tire rotation to help even out the wear on your wheels. Other times the tread is so low that you have to get new Volkswagen Passat tires altogether. Don't worry. We don't expect you to diagnose that for yourself. Bring your vehicle to our Volkswagen Tires Center, and we will give you a transparent and honest diagnosis.

Tire Alignment Services

Another key factor to keeping your Volkswagen tires healthy is making sure they are aligned properly. Have you recently hit a curb or run over a big ditch by accident while driving your Volkswagen Beetle? Don't worry. It happens to everyone. This can cause misalignment and can severely impede your vehicle's ability to drive correctly. Have you noticed that your car favors one side when you brake or your wheel vibrates? Those are other signs of misalignment. If you think your tires could be out of place, give us a call. We will happily get them back to proper placement.

Tire Upgrade Services

We also have a wide variety of exciting tires if you just feel like you want an upgrade. We have weather-related tires, performance tires, and stylized tires to give your Volkswagen vehicle an exciting boost. You can visit our service center to see what we have available for your model and year make.

Gunther Volkswagen Tire Center

At Gunther Volkswagen, we have OEM certified technicians and parts that are made to keep your vehicle running like new. Our expert staff will treat you with respectful, top-notch service and make sure to get your vehicle in and out of our dealership promptly. Have any questions about the process? Call, email, or visit us today.


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