Brake Pad Replacement In Daytona Beach Near Orlando, FL

If your Volkswagen vehicle is in need of a brake pad replacement or a routine brake check, you'll want to make sure you bring it to a service center that knows your specific vehicle inside and out. So if you've been searching for a "brake repair shop near me," our service department in Daytona Beach, FL, is the place to be. Our mechanics are Volkswagen certified, have years of experience, and have the proper tools and equipment to perform excellent brake service. Whether you have issues with your brake pads, calipers, rotors, or anything else, our team is prepared to help. While you're at it, we can set up your routine oil change. Contact our service center near Orlando today to schedule an appointment.

Why Is Brake Pad Replacement Important?

There are many elements to your braking system that you may never see. Elements like the brake drum, brake shoe, brake pads, and more work together to help your car brake properly. Every single time you press the brakes on your car, a tiny portion of your brake pads wears away. Over time the brake pads become thinner and thinner. If you don't get a brake pad change when this happens, the steel pieces that the pads are covering will be exposed. When those pieces come into contact with discs or drums, damage and improper braking can occur.

So how do you know if you need a brake pad replacement? For starters, you should get your brakes checked by a certified mechanic about twice a year to ensure the system is working properly. Aside from that, you can look out for signs like:

  • Squeaking or screeching noises when you press the brakes
  • Having less than a quarter-inch of brake pad left (our technicians can help with this)
  • A low, deep metallic grinding sound (when the steel and parts grind together, you will hear this)
  • A dashboard symbol pops up in relation to your brakes

If any of these occur, please give us a call. If you don't bring your car in for a brake pad replacement soon, you run the risk of getting in an accident due to unsafe driving.

Here is What Happens During a Brake Check

We don't only perform brake pad changes at our service center. When you come for a brake check, we will also do the following:

  • Disc Inspection: One of our mechanics will check the four discs on your car to look for rough spots or grooves. These rough spots can wear your brake pads down even faster.

  • Brake Line Inspection: The biggest issue with brake lines is leaking. Our technicians will check for any cracks or holes in your brake lines. If there are any issues, they will perform a brake line repair.

  • Brake Fluid Check: We will test your brake fluid's pH levels to make sure that it isn't contaminated. We will also see how low the fluid level is.

  • Visual Inspection & Test Drive: Before anything is repaired or replaced, we will do a visual inspection to ensure all of the parts are in the right place and functioning well. From there, we will test drive the vehicle to see the issues for ourselves. We will make sure all brake functions are operating normally.

Brake service is here to ensure your safety and help your Volkswagen vehicle stay strong and last long. We won't miss a step, and we will work quickly and efficiently to get your car back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it usually cost to replace brake pads?

Which brake pad replacements you need depend on your car's model. How many new brake pads you have to swap out will also have an effect on cost. Therefore, for a specific quote on this service, you'll have to talk to our team. They can also offer you details on any currently running specials that will get you an even better price on our competitive services.

When should brake pads be replaced?

Brake pads often need to be replaced between 30,000-70,000 miles. If your commute involves a lot of stop-and-go traffic or you stop abruptly in general, the life span of these pads will be on the shorter end of this range. You can also help extend their life span by avoiding pressing down on the gas and brake pedals simultaneously and prioritizing preventive maintenance.

How do I know if my brake pads are worn out?

Thin brake pads can't exert as much force on your rotors, meaning your car will take longer to stop. You may also notice a squealing sound from the exposed metal in the brake pads screeching against other metal parts, meaning they have become too thin. Clicking noises or vibrations while pressing the brake pedal are also warning signs. Lastly, see us if your car veers to one side when you brake.

Why You Can Trust Us

You wouldn't want an accountant doing your open-heart surgery, right? In the same way, you wouldn't want a non-Volkswagen-certified mechanic working on your precious vehicle. Our team knows these cars in and out and will work directly with the OEM to make sure your car is running well.

Additionally, should you need a brake pad replacement, our shelves are stocked with the proper products that are made specifically for your model. No aftermarket parts. No cheap parts. Nothing that can hurt your vehicle. We also have VW tires, VW batteries, and VW oil should you need those as well. You can trust our team to pick the right equipment for your car and to install it correctly the first time.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call. We will do our best to give you an idea of what to expect based on what is happening with your car. From there, you can schedule on the phone with us or easily schedule online to bring your vehicle in. It's that easy. The team at Gunther Volkswagen in Daytona Beach is here to serve you.

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