New Volkswagen Jetta Sedan for Sale in Daytona, FL

If you're looking for the new Jetta, then Gunther VW of Daytona Beach is ready to help you make it happen! We're one of the oldest VW dealers in Florida and one of the country's largest volume VW retailers. This means we know our customers, we know our vehicles, and we know what it takes to give you the confidence you need to take the leap. The Volkswagen Jetta is feature-packed - but remarkably intuitive to operate. Check out our latest Jetta models and model overview as you scroll below!

The Awarded VW Jetta Is Ready for You

Since 1979, the VW Jetta has been a hit with drivers looking for European styling and fun in a package that doesn't break the bank. The Jetta still delivers on that promise, and KBB just named the Jetta as one of the 10 Coolest New Cars Under $20K! Maybe KBB should have said "six" of the coolest cars under $20K since there are six Jetta models that are all different versions of cool, such as the:

  • Jetta S
  • Jetta R-Line
  • Jetta SE
  • Jetta SEL
  • Jetta SEL Premium
  • Jetta GLI Edition

No need to worry about what is missing from one model to the next because each Jetta is packed with App-Connect, VW Car-Net, Color Graphic Multi-Function Display, touchscreen infotainment, Bluetooth connectivity, a rearview camera, LED headlights, intelligent crash response, 6-way stability enhancement system, and automatic post-collision braking. That's a lot of good stuff, and frankly, not even half of it. But don't worry. If you're looking to see what VW Jetta upgrades are available, we'll get to those in just a second.

Kick Boring To the Curb With a Spirited Drive

The Jetta gets you revved up with a 147HP turbocharged 4cyl engine. The EPA rates the fuel economy of the Jetta at 30cty/40hwy with 3rd-party testing showing that the 8-speed automatic produced 43mph hwy while the 6-speed manual delivered a jaw-dropping 48mpg on a 200-mile highway test. Yeah, that's some gas-sipping fun, but if you're wondering how that affects the Jetta's top speed, it doesn't. Hold onto your peace signs because you can reach 127mph (strictly at the Daytona Speedway). Either transmission delivers road-gripping power to the FWD system of the Jetta, adding more control to the electronically enhanced power steering system. This is the next-level Jetta you've been waiting for!

The Jetta Gives You Changes and Re-Arranges

Imagine a world where your Jetta is working on its tan while you're also catching some rays on the beach. We all know what happens at the end of the day. You get to your car and risk nuclear temperatures when you get inside. Not anymore! Thanks to the VW Car-Net feature, you can remote start your Jetta from your phone when packing up, get the AC going, so by the time you arrive, you hop in and head out without even breaking a sweat. Literally. If you want to pin down some VW Jetta upgrades, you've got a Driver Assistance pack, which adds lane assist, lighting assist, adaptive cruise, front and rear traffic alerts, blind-spot monitoring, and automatic emergency braking. A Tech Pack will get you a configurable drivers display, with full map mode and more. There's cargo kits, all-weather kits, and lifestyle packages for just about every purpose under the sun. We could go on and on, but we'll wrap up this section with the Fender Acoustics audio upgrade. It's kinda like having Jimi Hendrix in the back seat.

Frequently Asked Questions About the VW Jetta

Is the Volkswagen Jetta reliable?

It sure is. All Volkswagen vehicles are built to last, thanks to excellent engineering and durability. It is something the German automaker takes great pride in. The VW Jetta scores in the "Great" category under J.D. Power's reliability scale with a score of 85. A new Volkswagen Jetta also comes with VW Carefree Coverage as well as a four-year/50,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty.

How many miles can a Volkswagen Jetta last?

How long your vehicle lasts entirely depends on how well you take care of it. If you drive in a safe manner, keep up with maintenance intervals, and repair any damage, you can expect your VW Jetta to last at least 200,000 miles. There are VW Jetta cars on the road with even more than that! Some people think that oil changes and tire rotations are optional. But in reality, the small cost for those intervals will be significantly less than the cost of a more significant repair because your car isn't in the best of shape. You get out what you put into your VW Jetta. If you give it proper service, it will be in your garage for a very long time!

How many miles per gallon does the VW Jetta get?

The VW Jetta is an incredibly efficient car. You can get an EPA-estimated 30 city and 41 highway MPG1 on the VW Jetta. Few sedans can match that efficiency. There are even hybrid vehicles that can't get fuel numbers that good! If you want a capable, affordable, reliable, and efficient sedan, the Volkswagen Jetta is always a great choice. Not only will you save money on the purchase of your new vehicle, but you will also save money by stopping at gas stations in Daytona Beach, FL, far less than before. Enjoy road trips, endless errands, and more thanks to this efficient and stylish vehicle.

Gunther VW of Daytona Beach Makes Ownership Easy

Gunther VW of Daytona Beach is one of Florida's first (and one of America's largest) volume VW dealerships. We're ready to make your Jetta purchase or Jetta lease a memorable and meaningful experience. Just like we've been doing for generations. So whether you are looking to grab a Jetta or are still exploring the beautiful lineup of new VW vehicles, we invite you to kick back and enjoy our virtual showroom! Whether you are near Orlando, Deltona, or anywhere in Florida for that matter, we hope you give us a shot. We know what it takes to create confidence, and we're even upping the service-ante just to prove it. All Gunther VW vehicles come with three years of complimentary maintenance! We're looking forward to seeing you soon!

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130 city/41 highway mpg (2021 Jetta 1.4L, 6-speed manual transmission). EPA estimates. Your mileage will vary and depends on several factors, including your driving habits and vehicle condition.

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